Turning challenges into opportunities

As a Group that wants to learn and evolve, Transdev is developing employees’ managerial skills, particularly through tailored and international initiatives such as the Transdev Global Executive Program and the Transdev European Management Program.

Demonstrating agility and performance, Transdev combines its forward-looking vision of the needs and changes in its business with effective career management so that it always has the right person "in the right place at the right time".

In order to assess its employees and develop their professional paths, the Group is deploying  a common annual appraisal process, shared by all managers and supported by a common tool.

Supporting performance in our operations

At Transdev, HR teams are actively involved in boosting business. They contribute directly to the performance of operations by offering:

  • a clear and flexible set of managerial skills to be developed and supported, for all managers
  • we@transdev: management change system
Download the PDF (pdf - 429 Ko)
  • In response to the challenges of a constantly evolving, increasingly competitive business environment, we@transdev represents the key managerial skills to be fostered in order to achieve change at Transdev.
  • This common reference places managers back at the heart of change. Dans une vision de « l’entreprise étendue », les 3 dimensions managériales (performance, innovation et people) s’adressent aux publics cibles de l’entreprise : clients et parties prenantes, Transdev en tant que Groupe et ses équipes.
  • Performance -> “we aim for excellence”
  • Innovation -> “we think and act differently”
  • People -> “we create connections”
  • an innovative approach to prevent absenteeism, to make people central to performance,

  • a variety of actions aimed at ensuring a quality experience for employees in their work, taking into account real-life contexts and issues, particularly in terms of safety.

Developing skills, encouraging engagement

Skills development is one of the priorities of Transdev’s HR policy – it is a means of ensuring the collective success of the corporate change project. The country HR teams put in place bespoke training as well as tools dedicated to professional development.

With its Trans’Days, the Group offers introductory days for new managers to stimulate their engagement, create a strong sense of belonging, and encourage them to share their experience and contribute to performance. Trans’Game is a business game created especially for the Group, and plays an important part in this induction process.

One of the highlights of the Trans’days was the fruitful talk we had with the ExCom members who took the time to discuss and share with us. Overall, it was an enriching experience and I really hope each employee of the Group will have the opportunity to participate to the Trans’days.

Charles Edouard BINKOWSKI - QSE, Communications & Marketing Manager

Trans’days allowed me to take a break from my daily routine, to meet people from various backgrounds and to share special moments. I have worked for Transdev for years now and yet, I discovered new aspects about the Group, in just two days!

Patrice Cadiet, Traffic Engineering Manager