Accelerating sustainable mobility

ZEBOX partnership

ZEBOX Partner’s Day : Yacine Sqalli (CEO Dans la tête d'un CEO), Julien Réau (Directeur innovation Transdev), Kevin Cardona (Directeur innovation VINCI)

ZEBOX and Transdev: A strategic partnership for the future of sustainable mobility

Transdev, world leader in everyday mobility, and ZEBOX, an international startup gas pedal created in 2018 by CMA CGM Group, world leader in shipping and logistics, announced their strategic partnership in March 2024.


This partnership represents an innovative approach to stimulating innovation beyond the traditional boundaries of public transport. The new ecosystem can now capitalize on feedback from players in the public transport (passenger), freight, logistics and road sectors.

A synergy of excellence for decarbonization

Transdev, already a pioneer with its fleet of 2,900 zero-emission vehicles, reinforces its commitment to innovation.

By joining ZEBOX, Transdev joins a leading innovation ecosystem, including the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics, Vinci and 19 other leading companies. This collaboration aims to accelerate the energy transition and redefine the future of sustainable mobility.

This partnership paves the way for:


  • the development of cross-sector synergies: the shipping and public transport sectors are different, but they share common challenges in terms of decarbonization, operational efficiency and technological innovation.
  • the creation of a broader innovation ecosystem: this partnership enables the pooling of experience and knowledge, as well as the discovery of innovative projects led by promising start-ups.
  • solving real-life problems: by sharing resources and expertise, ZEBOX partners can address common challenges such as decarbonizing fleets, energy efficiency, optimizing operations and integrating artificial intelligence into business processes.

ZEBOX: A recognized catalyst for innovation

Founded in 2018 by Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of the CMA CGM Group, ZEBOX has established itself as a key player in innovation. Its impressive track record testifies to its effectiveness:


  • More than 150 startups supported
  • Over €216 million in funds raised
  • A portfolio of cutting-edge solutions transforming logistics, CO2 emissions monitoring and AI integration.


This partnership between ZEBOX and Transdev promises to dramatically accelerate innovation in sustainable mobility, offering exciting prospects for the future of transport and the fight against climate change.