Our modes of transportation

We empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable, and innovative solutions.

car orange blanc et noir transdev a une station d'arrêt de bus

As an operator and global integrator of mobility, every day we want to empower freedom to move. With our transport modes, we have developed an expertise tailored to each local need, which makes us a leader in mobility solutions in the world.

Our modes of transportation

We are present in 19 countries, on all continents, and operate different modes of transport for local authorities, companies and the general public. We mobilize all the resources of a large Group to develop the territories where we operate.


Our aim is to make public transit the reference of mobility. All over the world, we are working towards a real renewal of coach and bus transport. The coach must play a more central role in daily travel. It has a major role to play in regional services and must be transformed to continue to attract more and more passengers.

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All over the world, we are working towards a real renewal of bus transport. There are 17% non diesel alternative fleet in 19 countries that symbolize the Transdev spirit with our customers and passengers.


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Bus Rapid Transit

With the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), we offer a recognised and innovative public transport offer. Thanks to targeted performance facilities, BRT reinvent the mobility of everyday life.


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As the operator of trolleybus networks in France and the Netherlands, Transdev is determined to pursue the development of low-carbon transport modes.

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Light rail

As the world leader in the operation of tramway networks, we are committed to the renewal of city centres and the development of regional networks.


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As the leading private rail operator in Germany and present in six countries (regional networks), we are convinced that rail must evolve by focusing on the needs of passengers.


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Operator of the metro line at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle, we also have solid international experience, from classic to all-electric metro.


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Maritime and river transport

Ferry or maritime shuttles, we have a large fleet offering comfort and reliability for serene maritime travel.


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Cable Car

We are committed to operating the best combination of public transport modes, adapted to the territories. Cable car systems are an effective means of overcoming topographical obstacles such as inclined slopes.

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One of our multimodal transport offers, the funicular. A suburban transport service at the service of our passengers.

Bike sharing

As a committed player in the energy transition, we are developing smart mobility. We build flexible active mobility solutions around bicycles and scooters.


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Our commitment to sustainable and socially responsible mobility is reflected in the diversity of electric vehicles that we are able to offer. These include self-service cars and electric taxis.

Healthcare institutions

Facilitating access to healthcare and controlling healthcare expenditure, two major concerns that call for continuous improvement in patient mobility and the transformation of the healthcare transport industry.


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Electric vehicles

Accelerating the deployment of electric transport solutions around the world, such as electric shuttles, is moving towards zero-emission mobility.


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Autonomous vehicles

As the world leader in shared autonomous mobility services, we work every day for cleaner mobility, for the benefit of territories and populations.


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Accessible mobility

Adapted public transport, transport on demand, staff training and involvement: we are committed to mobility for all and offer transport solutions designed for people with reduced mobility (PRM).


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