Our conviction: from mobility of supply to mobility on demand

In a world where public transport is undergoing radical transformation, we believe that the future for rail transport requires focusing on passenger needs. To offer greater freedom and enhanced fluidity, we see the train as the solution at the centre of a large choice of transport modes (car-pooling, car-sharing, bus, taxis, etc.). Because the travel experience doesn’t stop when passengers pull into the station, we ensure an end-to-end mobility solution to take them to their final destination.

rail networks

We have acquired a solid expertise in managing and coordinating the transport modes between all of our lines (inter-regional, suburban and rural, tourist). This has been achieved by:

  • optimised connections;
  • mixed passenger-transport combinations (offering different modes of transport to optimise journeys);
  • multi-modal park-and-ride interchange hubs;
  • bicycle parks;
  • integrated ticket dispensers (smart-phone apps enabling transport ticket purchase and validation.

As such, being part of the multi-modal transport offer, rail has its place in the mobility model of the future modern, adapted to demand, serving the regions.

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Safety, training, support: our three key words

Our priority: to ensure the safety of our travellers and our employees (link to Local Authorities page > Safety for all). In France, we are a licensed rail transport company and have a safety certificate issued by the State.


Our employees are the first guarantors of the quality of our services. For this reason, we place a lot of importance on their training: training teams, cutting-edge technologies, driving simulations, etc.: a real continuous improvement approach designed to offer greater safety and comfort.


Thanks to our knowledge of the rail transport system, we can lend support to local authorities in the upstream phases of their rail transport projects. We provide rolling-stock maintenance in our workshops and maintain infrastructures with the expertise of our subsidiary, Transamo (link to Local Authorities > Monitoring and management > Engineering).

Portfolio of expertise Passenger rail


Rail transport training centre


Certified by the French National Authority in charge of Rail Safety (EPSF), our rail transport training centre ensures our employees receive continuous training and assessment to guarantee and maintain the finest quality of service. 

A European reference in the rail transport sector

As the first private rail operator in Germany, we operate 16 major rail concessions in 9 Länder. The objective is to revitalise these ill-served regions, develop the market share of regional rail transport and to reopen abandoned lines, while optimising the use of public funds.

Optimise, rejuvenate and sustain the small, ill-served, regional stations as much as the major hubs: we are proud of the expertise that makes us a trustworthy alternative operator to ensure maintenance services for, and help popularise regional rail networks.

Did you know?

Thanks to our partnership, the regional rail transport offer for passengers has increased 3% in Germany, rising from 651 million to 673 million train-kilometres travelled between 2014 and 2016.

Lower Saxony, Germany: a service of excellence for all passengers

Via our NordWestBahn subsidiary, we operate four strategic lines around Bremen. Our trains and client services were recognised by the German association for the protection of children as “a family and friendly service”.

km of rail lines
million passengers/year

Carhaix, CFTA Bretagne: serving the region

Teams rewarded for their quality of service, one of the most reliable in France; the “La Vapeur du Trieux” line revived. Using our expertise to serve the Britanny Region.

travellers/year on the Carhaix/Guingamp/Paimpol line
travellers/year on the "La Vapeur du Trieux" tourist line

Sweden: a choice position in the opening of the market

The Malmö-Stockholm line is operated by Transdev Sverige AB Position without any state subsidy. We were the first operator to seize the opportunity offered by the partial deregulation of Swedish rail on 1 July 2007.

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