Why The Mobility Sphere?

The Mobility Sphere by Transdev is a European think tank that explores the future of mobility. Launched by Transdev, it provides a platform for reflection, perspectives and mobilization, by and for European mobility decision-makers.

The Mobility Sphere aims to reveal the new paradigm for mobility in 2050, by bringing together experts from Europe.


Our approach to mobility takes into account the dynamics of transitions — whether they’re environmental, social, economic or territorial — and the collective transformation of urban spaces. We believe that mobility is the cornerstone of inclusive, sustainable and resilient cities.


Over the past few months, the think tank has been mapping out the 50 issues that will shape mobility in 2050. Experts, practitioners and public decision-makers have provided insights into these long-term challenges, which you can find here.


Throughout the year, the website will be regularly updated with answers from experts across Europe (videos, articles…), on topics such as design, public investment, climate, biodiversity…


Every year, we bring together a community of high-level experts, public and private decision-makers at high-impact events – the Mobility Sphere Forums – in major European cities affected by urban transitions.


Thierry Mallet, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Transdev has entrusted the presidency of The Mobility Sphere to Antoine Grange, CEO Europe of Transdev.

François Gemenne, our Scientific Advisor,  is IPCC member, Professor at HEC Paris and Sciences Po.

Antoine Grange

CEO Europe of Transdev

François Gemenne

IPCC Member

Professor at HEC Paris and Sciences Po Scientific Advisor to The Mobility Sphere

Thierry Mallet

Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Transdev