Airport passenger transportation

A major player in airport mobility in the United States, Transdev manages all activities at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Ile de France.

Our expertise: from passenger transport to airport management

Passionate about their job, committed to working closely with passengers and local communities on a daily basis, our employees are driven by the conviction that each and every one of them can contribute to social cohesion and to the transformation of the world of mobility.


When we manage an airport from start to finish, we handle all internal and external mobility needs. At the Roissy airport in Paris, we manage all airside and landside needs on behalf of airport authorities and airlines.

Offshore passenger transport for airlines

We manage the mobility of passengers within the airport, transporting them between the Roissy Charles de Gaulle terminals and the aircraft when they are parked on the tarmac “offshore”.

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VIP receptions on the floor for the event

Transdev manages the reception of official delegations and VIPs in the airport’s bonded zone.

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Shuttles between Roissy CDG terminals and hub parking areas

Transdev manages shuttle services between Roissy CDG’s terminals and parking lots, transporting passengers and hub employees. Airport shuttles, inter-terminal and inter-parking express lines, buses, VTC: we transport passengers and employees of hub companies to take them wherever they want to go, from city centers to airports, from terminals to parking lots, between the various terminals.

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Airline crew transportation

We assist 70 airlines with their day-to-day mobility needs to and from airports, cities and hotels, and provide:

  • Transport of flight crews between aircraft and terminals or hotels at Roissy Charles de Gaulle.
  • Transport of crews and passengers in emergency situations (diverted aircraft, changes to flight plans, strikes, weather situations, etc.) at all French airports.
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Le saviez-vous ?

In Paris, with a fleet of 140 buses and coaches, we manage the transfer of airline passengers and flight crews at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. In Toulouse and Marseille, we are also present on the runway for passenger and crew transport. En savoir plus


In London, we have been present at London Heathrow Airport since 1965 with CCH Aviation Logistics, which handles crew transfers for commercial and private airlines.

In Chile, we have just signed a contract with LATAM Airline, South America’s largest airline. We will be providing its staff based at Santiago Arturo Merino Benftez international airport with a door-to-door transport service through our subsidiary Redvan. We expect over 650 passengers to be transported daily from their homes to the airport.

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