Our mission is fully aligned with the ambitions of the European Mobility Week.

As a leader in everyday mobility, we work daily to develop the use of public transportation to serve our customers, passengers and the environment.


We currently operate more than 800 electric buses in France, Netherlands and Sweden, the largest fleet in service in Europe. Building on this European leadership, we are innovating to provide passengers with greener and cleaner mobility, using new technologies such as biofuels and hydrogen.


As a global rail operator, we will also soon be on the offensive in France with regional and short lines, to offer decarbonated solutions that connect territories more efficiently


Promoting public transportation means supporting the green recovery and enabling people to travel more freely. In this area too, our innovations (autonomous vehicles, MaaS - mobility on demand, transportation on demand, connected drivers, etc.) aim to improve the daily mobility experience for our passengers and customers.

Finally, as part of our actions in favor of inclusive mobility, we will test the deployment of new forms of mobility in suburban and rural areas, such as neighborhood buses (Buurtbus in the Netherlands), which will improve mobility for everyone, especially isolated people and seniors.




Thierry Mallet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our solutions

A zero emission year in Sweden

In Sweden in July 2019, Transdev secured a contract with Vasttrafik, the authority that oversees mobility in Västra Götaland county, to operate the buses in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, for 757 million euro. As of December 2020, Transdev will operate 220 electric buses, the largest fleet of electric buses in Sweden, making it the main bus operator in Gothenburg and the surrounding region. 210 other buses will be operated without fossil fuels, using only biofuels for energy. 

electric buses operated, the largest fleet in Sweden

A successful launch of the first hydrogen fuel cell electric line in France

Since November 2019, the TADAO network, operated by Transdev, has been runnning France’s first ever hydrogen fuel cell electric bus line. This bus line, run jointly with the Artois-Gohelle Mixed Transportation Union, is a shining example of French leadership in hydrogen power for public transit, uniting the shared expertise of Safra, Michelin, Engie, and Transdev.

These buses are expected to drive 420,000 kilometers annually, saving more than 530 tons of CO2 per year.

buses running on the Bulle 6 line
13.4 km
runs between the towns of Auchel and Bruay-la-Buissière (Pas-de-Calais)

Moving forward on British zero emissions: the exemplarity of the Harrogate bus company

The Harrogate Bus Company is a subsidiary of Transdev UK that operates eight electric buses on the local services. Harrogate also recently instituted a “Sunday Freeway” program, with free journeys on electric buses for all passengers on Sundays. This initiative has already led to a 70% increase in passenger numbers, helping to increase ridership and stimulate the local economy.


Zero Emission Mobility

Our aim is to make public transport the benchmark for mobility. Replacing the use of individual cars with “zero-emission” travel without traffic jams is our credo.


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Amsterdam: on the road to zero emission

To meet the demand of the Amsterdam region to operate a zero emission fleet, we opted for the deployment of electric buses. To ensure continuous service, these buses are recharged at the end of the line using a fast charge system and are fully charged at night. An additional benefit? The electricity used comes from renewable energies. With Amsterdam, we are the first zero emission mobility operator in Europe!

electric buses in 2021
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In Dublin, Transdev brings a green touch to the LUAS tramway

In Dublin, we have been supporting the city since 2014 to build a public transportation network with a low environmental impact. Raising awareness of travellers about CO2 savings, campaigns to save energy and natural resources, funding of research, etc. Our efforts have received multiple awards and are recognised by the ISO 14001 certification for the excellence of our environmental management.

34 million
passengers a year
increase in the use of public transport in Dublin between 2005 and 2016
Transdev Group LUAS tramway lightrail Dublin public transportation transports communs mobility company passengers passagers trajet trip
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Rouen, France

In Rouen we are conducting trials on the first all-electric transport on demand service to meet daily mobility needs within the technology park. Launched in 2018, the network will serve companies, research centres, a student campus and, in time, a residential area.


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hectares couverts (5000 étudiants et 2500 emplois)

Supporting the transition to electric mobility in Sweden

In both Umeå and Eskilstuna, we are supporting the future development of urban bus transportation. In both of these towns, electric mobility is an important factor when it comes to improving living conditions for inhabitants and is helping drive changes in their energy model.
In Umeå, we acquired 9 rapid recharge buses. The main feature of these buses is the equipment which is adapted to cope with the extreme temperatures in the north of Sweden.

electric buses in Umeå (34 in 2020)
electric buses in Eskilstuna
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