Decarbonizing mobility: where do we start?

  • Aurélie Gillieaux

    Aurélie Gillieaux

    Managing Director Benelux of WeNow

20 February 2024

To truly change our mobility habits, raising awareness about alternatives to private vehicles appears to be the key step.


Prompting us to rethink the way we get around, awareness campaigns help us reach an important conclusion: in the same way that the best type of waste is waste that is not produced, the best type of mobility is… less mobility.


Once we understand this — without depriving ourselves of mobility — we are guided by the following principle: we must avoid what can be avoided by enthusiastically re-investing in certain transport modes, such as night trains or urban cycling.


Enthusiasm must also pervade our new habits. Concern for our health, and our wallets, is part of the formula for change, and even then it must be guided by the right information. To me, all these elements seem essential to catalyze real change.