Our commitment: promoting the use of collective public transportation and individual shared transport solutions

It is essential to integrate bicycles and non-motorized transportation into the overall mobility offer. We implement mobility solutions adapted to local intermodal connections and the evolving needs of users.

Key figures

French regions
bicycle parking spaces
developed, specifically near transportation hubs

Our tailor-made offer

For each region, we create a dedicated offer, built in partnership with our stakeholders to best meet local needs, by offering:

  • Self-service bicycles
  • Long-term rental bicycles
  • Parking
  • Other non-motorized transportation

Our added value: an intermodal system

Through bicycle parking, racks and systems for carrying bicycles on the public transportation vehicles we operate, or the management of multimodal exchange hubs, we integrate the bicycle into a broad mobility ecosystem.

vélo bleu et bus violet Libélo à Valence Romans garé dans la rue

Did you know?

Soft mobility is the third most frequently used mode of transport for everyday trips after cars and public transportation. It includes all ways of getting around under your own steam (cycling, walking, roller-skating…), also called “active mobility.” It could be also extended to all environmentally-friendly modes of transportation.