Our solutions and innovations

We design, develop and operate innovative mobility solutions for everyone. Multi-modality, knowledge of passengers and regions, mobile applications, solutions to protect the environment,… we are a key player in the mobility of the future.

Our solutions for local authorities

Environmental solutions

Electric or hybrid vehicles, multi-modal travel solutions, innovative digital applications: committed to the energy transition, we focus our energy on developing environmentally friendly solutions.


Digital applications and solutions

We have invented a new form of mobility: connected, inter-modal, unified, it facilitates the movement of passengers for more flexibility and freedom


On-demand connected transportation

With 14 million passengers carried each year, we are one of the world leaders in on-demand/microtransit. These services, booked by passengers, offer flexible and efficient solutions for specific groups, serving low-density areas or periods with lower demand for mobility. 

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Our solutions for companies, organizations and charter tourism

Corporate, institutional and industrial-site transport

Transport from workplaces to public transport or on site: 

we offer companies, institutions and industrial sites safe, clean and innovative solutions for the transport of their employees.


Healthcare institutions

Because we want to ensure mobility for all, we provide healthcare facilities with vehicles and travel solutions tailored to the needs of their patients.


Airports and airline companies


We transport passengers between terminals and navigating personnel. We also manage airports and logistics activities for airlines.


Schools and University campuses

Schools, cultural or sports outings, transport on campuses: we put our expertise at the service of schools and universities to ensure safe and appropriate travel for everyone from young children to university students.


Tourist agencies and Event planners


For trips related to events or tourist excursions, we offer travel agencies and organisers a tailor-made offer, perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each customer. 


Rail companies


Buses to replace trains on regular lines or in case of construction work or unforeseen events: we put our road transport expertise at the service of railway companies.