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Connected mobility means digital solutions that simplify the travel of everyone and foreshadow the mobility of tomorrow; as a forerunner in this area, we have developed very concrete services:

  • inter-modal route calculations to allow seamless travel;
  • the “Push” of real-time information;
  • simplified and integrated payment;
  • estimating environmental footprint in order to raise awareness about sustainable mobility.

We were the first to advocate the Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a real revolution that allows offers between different operators to be coordinated.Bus, tram, bike, self-service car, car pool, car-sharing, parking, taxis, etc. We bring together public transit and private transportation within a single mobility offer using a smartphone.


Together with services such as Whim in finland or the Mobility Account in Mulhouse, a single monthly bill integrates all of the different transport modes used in the month.

Our digital solutions for travellers: real-time information, route calculators, online shopping

Easier and more flexible! we have transformed the landscape of multi-modality. Now, travelling has become as simple as “clicking”: receive information before you go, pay online, on your mobile phone or directly using your credit card, get a homogeneous overview of your trip, etc. Our solutions are suitable for all travellers, before, during and after the trip:

Route calculating applications and real-time information

With Moovizy in St Etienne or Triplinx in Toronto, for example, passengers can find out the most optimal and fastest travel combinations for their trips. The predictive exploitation of the data from the different local operators has allowed us to bring this useful service to passengers. We are developing these applications with our subsidiary Cityway


“M Ticketing & SMS Ticket” Services
Using public transport has to be simple: we offer ticket purchase services on smartphones through a simple SMS with “SMS Ticket” or through the “M Ticketing” application. This service is available 24/7; travellers can keep track of their purchases via the application.

Mains tenant un écran de téléphone mobile qui affiche un itinéraire dans un bus

Transport on Demand technologies

Set-up, monitor and optimize your ToD services in real-time.
Book your trip in 3 clicks on the ToD application, your digital travel companion, via a simple and intuitive customer journey.


A contactless ticket

No need to worry about carrying tickets or cash on the Chrono C1 line in Grenoble. Following TFL’s lead in London, passengers on the TAG network (Transports de l’Agglomération Grenobloise) tested contactless payment between 2015 and 2016.

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    Our added value: proximity to regions, which allows us to support each local authority according to their needs

    Smart mobility requires real support to local authorities. Reorganization, convergence between agglomerations… digital solutions represent major advances in optimising travel. To be fully effective, they must be integrated into a global mobility policy; thanks to our databases, our analysis tools, and our understanding of local conditions, we know how to create such a global scheme and put in place the associated incentive policies.


    Allowing local authorities to manage passenger travel and data in their regions: this is how we understand of our role as experts.

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