Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit is a recognised and innovative public transit system. Thanks to targeted outfitting designed to optimize performance, BRT is reinventing daily mobility.

million trips
in Rouen
million trips
by Bus Rapid Transit
million KM/year
In Ile-de-France

Our expertise: the ability to combine flexibility and high passenger capacity

Inspired by the high capacity express line transport models in North and South America, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) offers an innovative alternative to conventional bus and tramway transport solutions. BRT vehicles use dedicated bus lanes that offer greater passenger capacity than conventional bus transport solutions. As such, this system addresses three priorities, namely:

  • bus frequency, speed and modularity, and a range of timetables: to promote the use of public transport;
  • maximum comfort, optimised customer information and guaranteed accessibility: to improve the passenger experience;
  • high capacity, eco-driving, use of electric and green vehicles: for more sustainable mobility.
millions passengers
per day in Bogota
million kilometers travelled
per year in Bogota
tons of CO2 emissions
saved per year in Bogota

Using our expertise for urban enhancement

As the forerunner in France with the TEOR East-West Transport System in Rouen, we develop customised solutions that can be integrated into existing transport networks and adapted to meet the specific requirements of each local authority (size of population base, short and long term needs, desired level of investment, etc.) With BRT, we enhance urban centres such as Bogota, Nantes and the greater Paris region by creating decongested, cleaner and revitalised cities.

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Optimised solutions for you

Our offers are tailored to provide specific solutions to meet all transport needs. We analyse these needs to provide our clients with the best possible solution. Thanks to our global cost strategy from project launch to implementation, we are able to optimise your investment capacities in line with your performance targets. We accompany our customers throughout all the stages of their projects by optimising the use of their network and the quality of passenger care and services.