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By operating and maintaining 18 tramway networks around the world, we contribute to the renewal of cities and the opening up of peripheral areas with tailor-made solutions that respect the environment.

The Tramway: multiple advantages

As a world leader in the operation of tramway networks, we are engaged in the renewal of city centres and regional development.

  • The city-centre is evolving: tramways, both quiet and environmentally friendly, free streets from car traffic; they allow for the development of new economic hubs and the extension of pedestrian areas while contributing to the beautification of central districts.
  • Networks come together and grow: the tramway is a central link in regional transport services: a multitude of modes are organised around its connection hubs, offering passengers freedom of movement on a daily basis.

The tramway in six words: ecological, rapid, frequent, comfortable, safe, reliable.

Portfolio of expertise Light rail

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Transdev: a partner in everything from operation to maintenance

Construction of new lines, extensions, renovation work … our international expertise extends beyond vehicles, but includes transport lanes, energy, and ticketing and digital systems. Our subsidiary Transamo offers four project management solutions:
  • project management: from the design to the realisation of a public transport project (providing support or project supervision);
  • mobility studies: upstream of mobility projects, to justify and design projects for local authorities and urban transport authorities;
  • systems, maintenance & operations: multi-disciplinary, technical expertise to ensure the feasibility, sustainability and operability of projects;
  • advisory services & project management: methods and tools to structure and pilot projects while respecting performance objectives, timeframes and costs.
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Tram-train: pioneers in France!

We designed the first interconnected tram-train in France in Mulhouse.


The Result? A tramway that crosses over a partly pre-existing railway line now carries more than three million passengers per year.

Seamless travel in Nantes

Nantes has relied on our expertise for more than 25 years to extend and maintain its tramway network. We continue to confront new challenges in sustainable mobility for Nantes residents and we have recently supported the city in the implementation of its multimodal network.

Towards a climate-friendly transit network in Barcelona

Sustainable development forms part of the very lifeblood of the city of Barcelona. Since the creation of its Agenda 21 in 2002, the city has been committed to providing safe, sustainable and efficient transportation services for all. In 2000, Barcelona called on Transdev to launch two tramway projects. This ambitious challenge, with important technical constraints, allowed us to demonstrate our expertise.

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In Lyons, an inventive tram-train approach

In order to improve transportation between the centre of Lyons and the airport, we designed a tram-train that helped optimise the use of the existing railway lines. The Result? Only 7 out of the 22 kilometres of the line had to be developed!

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