attract, develop and retain talents

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Attracting and retaining talent is a key challenge. Despite the difficulties created by the crisis, Transdev has strengthened its
commitment in communities to attracting candidates to our professions.

Providing access to employment and training and meeting recruitment needs

In France, since 2020, Académie by Transdev has promoted access to mobility jobs and worked to include greater numbers of people with low employability. Each year, the Académie by Transdev offers training sessions for new drivers focused on communities and delivered locally, in the areas where needs are greatest. The course awards students a diploma or professional qualification entitling them to work as a public transportation driver and provides them with all tools needed to succeed in obtaining a job with the Group.

In 2023, Transdev Australasia won HRD Magazine’s “5-Star Employer of Choice” award. Each year, this award recognizes cutting-edge organizations and best practices in human resources management. This recognition is a testimony to Transdev Australasia’s commitment to creating the highest level of working conditions for its employees.

2023 HRD 5-Star Employers of Choice awards
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Group employees
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have deployed the Transdev Group’s engagement program

Strengthen the attractiveness of our businesses

Attracting and retaining talent is a major challenge for Transdev. This is why we invest in the attractiveness of our professions and in the promotion of our company, by setting up dedicated programmes, such as “Drivers@Transdev”. Indeed, we are faced with a shortage of drivers worldwide and a demographic imbalance within the driver population: 53% of our drivers are over 50 and will retire in the next 10 to 15 years.

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As part of the Drivers@transdev program, an international taskforce made up of HR and operations representatives from 9 Transdev countries is mobilized to support and advise subsidiaries on issues of job attractiveness, work flexibility, retention and commitment. A digital platform, enriched since the creation of the program, provides access to all the best practices implemented in the regions where we operate. Transdev invests in training, in supporting teams at all levels, in developing the company’s image and appeal, and in strengthening our technical and managerial skills.

Women Leaders

This program, which was launched in France in 2020, seeks to develop a pool of talent that will occupy key positions in the organization in the future. It is aimed at women who have the goal of becoming network managers, and targets both external and internal hires. For this purpose, the program offers specific support tailored to operational positions. In 2023, four women took part to the program.

In 2022, in-depth work was undertaken in all countries to define the four pillars of the Group’s value offer as an employer. In 2023, this work served as the basis for adapting the Group’s employer brand in line with these four pillars. In connection with this project, the employer brand platform was updated. It includes communication tools to be deployed in all Group countries in order to promote career opportunities and stimulate local recruitment. France is the pilot country for the launch of the “What drives you?” employer brand campaign (in France: “Et vous, qu’est-ce qui vous fait avancer ?”). It will then be rolled out by early 2024 in all countries where the Group operates.

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Developing the potential of all our employees

The development of each individual’s talents is a key challenge for the Group’s performance and employee motivation. The Group has set up a variety of processes (annual interviews, evaluations based on the we@transdev management model, career interviews, people reviews, ongoing discussions and succession plans), all of which are supported by the me@transdev tool.


In conjunction with the countries, the Group deploys and coordinates the processes dedicated to talent management for the Group’s 500 top managers. Our goal is to deploy these processes to 100% of our top
managers. The Group’s processes are adopted and applied within the subsidiaries for all employees.


The indicator the Group monitors is the percentage of annual interviews conducted by the Group’s top managers and top executives. In 2023, 97.9% of employees had an annual interview. 

Providing support for career paths

Our intention is to develop individual skills, enable continuous learning and update our ways of working, through our learning approach. It is a key lever for sharing and strengthening the company culture.

The learning approach is linked to Talent Management. The development and learning plans are adapted to the specific needs of each of the Group’s countries according to specific needs.

In 2022, new resources were made available on the platform and cover the themes of collaboration, management and distance learning, conducting meetings and the proper use of digital tools. Our objective is to enable all our employees to benefit from at least one training course per year.


By 2022, 83.9% of Group employees had received training. Our countries have continued to deploy we@transdev, our Group management model, which also governs the Group’s integration and Learning & Development programmes (“In’Pulse”, “Trans’Lead”, “Trans’Days”).

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For this 4th edition of Trans’Lead Top Managers, 18 participants from nine countries met in Germany and France to discover the different mobility ecosystems in which the Group operates and to deepen their understanding of the challenges facing the sector.

4ème édition Trans'lead Top Manager

To improve working conditions and provide support to employees affected directly or indirectly by cancer, Caroline Gonin, Transdev Group HR and CSR Director, signed the Cancer and Employment Charter in September 2023, with Thierry Breton, Managing Director of the French National Cancer Institute, in attendance. The charter encompasses 11 commitments, which seek to advance key goals such as acting on the perception of illness in the workplace, supporting employees in returning to work and keeping their jobs, and promoting health in general.

Caroline GONIN DRH et RSE Groupe et de Thierry BRETON Directeur Général de l'Institut

Encouraging international mobility

To ensure our operations have the skills they need, meet the demands of our clients and take into account the career aspirations of our employees based on their skills, the Group deploys policies and systems with an international outlook.


This approach, which is aimed at all employees who have the desire, ambition or possibility of pursuing an international career, is based on three focuses:

  • Managing the international mobility of our employees;
  • Building a pool of young talent with an international dimension;
  • Enabling our expertise to be mobilised where and when it is required.

The Group’s e-Team system allows us to mobilise our expertise, where and when it is needed. This system maps our internal experts in 27 identified areas of expertise. Employees can position themselves and declare their expertise, then indicate their availability to contribute to specific expert support projects. Selected for their expertise and their willingness to cooperate and validated by the channel referent, the Group experts join the community of international experts of the Group mobilised to promote the mobility solutions offered by Transdev and to put these solutions at the service of our customers. In 2022, 300 experts in more than 20 countries carried out nearly 180 assistance missions within the Group.

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