MaaS: Mobility as a service

New technologies make it possible to create seamless multi-modal journeys, adapted to the new plasticity of use. Today, applications, tools and the variety of transport modes – non-motorized, shared, fast, efficient, zero emission – are transforming transport into a service, in response to the new social and environmental pact. Transdev has largely initiated this transformation and is accelerating it in all its dimensions and environments.


As the forerunner in “MaaS”, we offer travellers a range of simple mobile applications to access a large choice of transport solutions. Ground breaking tools for a trouble free traveller experience.

MaaS: a new way to consume mobility

In the same way travellers consume online video, and telephone and internet services, they now have access to a range of transport services that is not only simpler with regard to ticket purchasing, but also broader and more practical. By grouping all local transport services, bicycles, carpooling and taxi services under one fixed-rate payment, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) simplifies and enhances the traveller experience to promote the use of public transport. MaaS is a real revolution in the way it is helping people organise the way they travel.

Our expertise: control of the transport chain and data analysis

We are specialised in the processing, assembly, integration and real-time recovery of operators’ data. We control the entire transport chain from the upstream preparation phase and throughout the journey: including traveller information, access to different modes of transport, ticket sales, transport on demand management and carpooling.


Our “MaaS” solutions and our other digital applications, enable us to collect and analyse billions of pieces of data of local interest from public and private transport operators. This major challenge is part of building the Smart City of the future and requires transport partners to adopt a cross-sector approach. The key features:

  • more in-depth knowledge of user practises
  • better targeting of transport services
  • improved services
  • optimised utilisation rates for all types of transport

Our strength: innovative and scalable solutions that foster user loyalty.

MaaS is a mobility services offer that enables travellers to pay for all modes of transport in their travelling zone with their smartphone. Payment for these services can be grouped in a monthly subscription fee or charged individually on a pay-as-you-go basis. In concrete terms, travellers can use their mobile app to:

  • choose between the various travel options, by calculating the itinerary that suits them best to get to where they want to go, in terms of speed and cost; etc.
  • store their transport tickets in their telephone, which serves as an m-ticket;
  • use a centralised account to pay for all of their trips, either on a monthly or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We believe that these innovations will meet the mobility challenges of the future since they correspond to changing social trends and the way travellers consume services. For this reason, we are constantly developing essential digital solutions and place innovation at the core of our business and at the service of all. After “Whim” in Finland, we created, via our subsidiary, Cityway, the Moovizy app in Saint-Etienne and the “Compte Mobilité” mobility account in Mulhouse.

Moovizy Saint-Etienne, a future MaaS application that goes even further

Initially launched as two applications, one for providing information and real-time processing, and the other for making purchases, the new version of Moovizy will be launched in Saint-Etienne in mid-2019. Real-time multimodal routes, maps, timetables, access to public transport, bike sharing, car sharing, car pooling, taxi, parking and many additional services: it will bring together all mobility services useful to passengers in a single application and account.

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The M2I integrated mobility project in the Paris region

With M2I, we are piloting a project designed to provide the Paris region, between now and 2020, with real-time, predictive information concerning all modes of transport, including individual connected vehicles. This exceptional project integrates multimodal itineraries and multimodal GPS, as well as mobile apps and on-board systems in the vehicles concerned.


M2I enables the processing of one billion pieces of data every day!

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The “Compte Mobilité” mobility account in Mulhouse

With the “Compte Mobilité” mobility account, the Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration is paving the way for multimodal transport facilities. With just one subscription and a simple application, Compte Mobilité gives access to local transport, trams, tram-trains and buses, as well as free bicycles, car-pooling and parkings. Payment is made at the end of the month with a single invoice that corresponds to the actual consumption of each service.

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“Whim”: one subscription for all your transport needs

In Finland, Transdev is the integrator and supplier of “Whim“, the application that provides access to all available transport offers, including taxis, under one subscription. With “Whim”, travellers can also plan and pay for their transport, and record their travel preferences. The Result? 80% of users satisfied!


YouTube drops trackers when displaying videos. By clicking on "Authorize", these tracers will be deposited and the video will be displayed. You can withdraw your consent at any time.
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