MaaS: Mobility as a service

Technological developments are making it possible to create seamless multimodal journeys, adapted to the new plasticity of increasingly multimodal uses. Today, applications, tools and the variety of transport modes – soft, shared, fast, efficient, zero-emission – are transforming transport into a service, in response to the new social and environmental pact. Transdev has largely initiated this transformation and is accelerating it in all its dimensions and environments.

As a global mobility integrator, Transdev is a forerunner in the deployment of MaaS “Mobility as a Service” solutions, or mobile applications that bring together public and private shared transport services. The Local Authority retains ownership of the data generated. In order to co-construct a daily mobility offer adapted to all, we deploy different methods of cooperation with innovative companies, both start-ups and major corporations.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a new way to consume mobility

Just as they consume online video, telephony or the Internet, passengers now have access to a transportation offer that is simpler to purchase, and more practical. Because it combines several modes of transportation, public transport, bicycles, carpooling or even cabs, MaaS simplifies and improves the passengers’ experience and promotes the development of sustainable mobility. MaaS is a real revolution in the way mobility is developed in local areas, serving the common good and passengers.


It allows travelers to use a single mobile application to manage all their multimodal trips.


This means the passenger uses his or her mobile application to:

  • choose between different travel options, by calculating the route that best suits, thanks to several criteria (speed, cost, environmental impact …);
  • store their tickets in their phone;
  • use a single account to pay for all of their trips, at the frequency they wish; payment for these services can be grouped in a subscription or billed individually.

MaaS by Transdev, innovative, scalable solutions adapted to local areas

Two types of mobility coexist today: the long-distance mobility frequented by business travelers and tourists, and local, commuting, daily mobility, which represents 98% of mobility in France. Transdev is clearly positioned on this local and daily mobility, in partnership and under the governance of the local authority, which acts as a trusted third party, both in terms of the protection of customers’ personal data, which it retains ownership of, and in terms of compliance with its mobility policy.

To this end, Transdev’s MaaS offer is structured around six business lines:

  1. Consulting and expertise on technology and UX management
  2. Animation of the relationship with the partners and contractual management
  3. Management and optimization of financial flows
  4. Collect and analyze data in order to better understand the uses and better meet the expectations of travelers
  5. Deployment of a digital marketing strategy to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention rates
  6. Customer service and call center management
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We support local authorities in their data and Smart City projects

Our solutions and mobile applications dedicated to MaaS allow us to collect billions of data from public and private operators operating in the same area.

The collection of big data will help build the Smart City of the future and engages the partner carriers in a collaborative approach.

The main benefits of service integration are:

  • A more detailed knowledge of customer usage
  • Better targeting of transportation services
  • Enhanced services
  • Optimized user rates for all modes of transportation

Innovating to simplify passengers' lives: our MaaS projects

As the world leader in MaaS, Transdev is the only company today to be both an investor in solutions such as Whim or Tranzer and a creator of solutions, such as the mobility account in Mulhouse and Moovizy, a showcase of Transdev’s MaaS in St-Etienne, the most successful solution in Europe.

Moovizy Saint-Etienne, a future MaaS application that goes even further

Initially launched as two applications, one for providing information and real-time processing, and the other for making purchases, the new version of Moovizy will be launched in Saint-Etienne in mid-2019. Real-time multimodal routes, maps, timetables, access to public transport, bike sharing, car sharing, car pooling, taxi, parking and many additional services: it will bring together all mobility services useful to passengers in a single application and account.

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The M2I integrated mobility project in the Paris region

With M2I, we are piloting a project designed to provide the Paris region, between now and 2020, with real-time, predictive information concerning all modes of transport, including individual connected vehicles. This exceptional project integrates multimodal itineraries and multimodal GPS, as well as mobile apps and on-board systems in the vehicles concerned.


M2I enables the processing of one billion pieces of data every day!

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The “Compte Mobilité” mobility account in Mulhouse

With the “Compte Mobilité” mobility account, the Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration is paving the way for multimodal transport facilities. With just one subscription and a simple application, Compte Mobilité gives access to local transport, trams, tram-trains and buses, as well as free bicycles, car-pooling and parkings. Payment is made at the end of the month with a single invoice that corresponds to the actual consumption of each service.

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“Whim”: one subscription for all your transport needs

In Finland, Transdev is the integrator and supplier of “Whim“, the application that provides access to all available transport offers, including taxis, under one subscription. With “Whim”, travellers can also plan and pay for their transport, and record their travel preferences. The Result? 80% of users satisfied!


YouTube drops trackers when displaying videos. By clicking on "Authorize", these tracers will be deposited and the video will be displayed. You can withdraw your consent at any time.
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