Autonomous vehicles

Towards the Mobility of Tomorrow

We are convinced that shared autonomous transport will profoundly change the way we travel, reducing the use of individual vehicles and improving mobility and safety on our roads.


We want to continue developing inclusive, efficient and sustainable mobility by gradually integrating shared autonomous vehicles into transport networks.


We want to put autonomous technology at the service of shared transport, everywhere and for everyone.

Transdev, Pioneer and Leader in Autonomous Mobility

In 2005, we signed our first international contract to set up a fleet of autonomous shuttles on dedicated lanes in the Rivium district of Rotterdam. Since then, we have deployed over 50 autonomous mobility projects in 10 countries, testing 8 technologies.

Today, more than 900 employees work every day on the deployment of autonomous mobility services.

Passengers transported with shared autonomous transport services since 2005
Kms covered by autonomous vehicles worldwide
are working to deploy autonomous mobility services
of autonomous vehicles operated by Transdev

The Benefits of Autonomous Transport for All

The expected benefits are numerous, provided that autonomous vehicles are shared.


They will enable more flexible, personalized and accessible services to be set up, and services to be extended in time and/or space.


With a massive modal shift effect, these new services will enable cities to improve traffic flow and reclaim the space previously devoted to on-street parking.

Infographics The Benefits of autonomous transport for all

Autonomous vehicles will also enable safer, healthier cities: less air and noise pollution, as shared autonomous vehicles will be electric.


Finally, they will offer more integrated and connected services, for a better customer experience.

International Experience

Thanks to our presence in 19 countries, we test, deploy and operate autonomous mobility services around the world, drawing on our strong local roots and the Group’s technical expertise to select the best technologies and adapt autonomous mobility services to local constraints and mobility needs.

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