Autonomous transportation

Transdev, pioneer in autonomous mobility

For nearly 20 years, Transdev has been deploying and operating autonomous mobility services.


1st AV commercial service on dedicated lane


In Rotterdam, Transdev operates the world first AV commercial service on dedicated lane with ZF 2getthere shuttles.


1st Mixed traffic AV project


Autonomous Mobility is included in Transdev global strategy – P.A.C.E Personalised, Autonomous, Connected and Ecological.


1st Transport operator to manage a robotaxi fleet


Since 2019, Transdev test an deploy Waymo (Google) robotaxi fleet in the USA and now operates the commercial service.


1st Autonomous shuttle project without onboard operator in Europe


3 shuttles deployed in mixed traffic and remotely operated by one supervision operator.

We believe that Autonomous mobility will change the way people move, reducing the number of private cars on the roads while increasing road safety.


As a leading mobility company, Transdev aims at paving the way to new modes of sustainable transportations while guarantying the same level of safety, passenger experience and quality of service.


Virginie Fernandes, Head of Strategy and Transformation, Transdev Group

Our commercial services

Robotaxis Waymo – USA

Robotaxis Waymo – USA

Management of an on-demand fleet of robotaxis

Since 2019, Transdev, through its American subsidiary Transdev Alternative Services, has been testing, deploying, and operating Waymo’s robotaxi fleets (a subsidiary of Alphabet – Google) in four major cities in the United States (including Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin).

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Parkshuttle – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Operation of a commercial service using AV shuttles on a dedicated lane.

Operated by Connexxion since 2005, this is the world’s first contract for the operation of autonomous shuttles. These light infrastructure based shuttles run on dedicated and closed tracks.


ParkShuttle connects the Kralingsezoom metro station to Rivium Business Park. After an initial pilot period, the service has been extended and operated by 6 shuttles since 2005.An average of 30 000 people are transported per month.

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Some experimentations

Navetty – Les Mureaux, France

Navetty – Les Mureaux, France

First autonomous mobility service without an onboard operator in a complex environment in Europe.

Three shuttles, developed by EasyMile and operated by Transdev, traverse loops of up to 6.6 km each day to allow ArianeGroup employees – up to 10 passengers per trip – to move around the 92-hectare site while ensuring service quality and safety. This entails more than 50 daily rotations and 23,000 kilometers traveled safely.


The deployment of autonomous shuttles without onboard operators followed a gradual rollout, ensuring total safety at each stage. A remote supervisor can intervene or communicate with passengers at any time from the Centralized Command Post.

EZ10 – GEN3
area on the Ariane Group Site
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