On-demand connected transportation

With 14 million passengers carried each year, we are one of the world leaders in on-demand/microtransit. These services, booked by passengers, offer flexible and efficient solutions for specific groups, serving low-density areas or periods with lower demand for mobility. We rely on new technologies to offer reliable services  to our passengers and an evermore seamless experience.

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Extending public mobility services in time and space

Transport on Demand (ToD) is a mobility offer that is adapted to areas where the demand for shared mobility is sparse, unlike in urban areas: business parks, suburban areas, rural communities or night services.

Our ToD solutions are designed to improve social cohesion and creating links bewteen different areas. Fully integrated into public transit networks, they provide flexibility and freedom in daily mobility. 

Transdev were among the first to digitalize these ToD services. For more than 10 years, our teams have been developing our technology to support efficient microtransit services and provide a simple, intuitive and personalized passenger experience.

Transport on Demand (ToD) at Transdev covers:

  • 300+ operations worldwide
  • Service optimization algorithms, associated with various booking channels, adapted to the diversity of our customers: mobile app, online or over the phone
  • 200 engineers in France, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia are continuously improving our solutions, testing new ones and developing dedicated applications and websites.
  • Teams working to ensure that the product is suited to each area and that it fits within the existing network.

Some iconic microtransit services

On-Demand Ferry in Sydney Harbour

With passenger satisfaction rate close to 95% and passenger numbers in excess of 3,300 passengers per month, the on-demand ferry we operate in Sydney Harbour is a success. This innovative service connects the Barangaroo hub with 3 new harbors. 

Mountain ToD in Grenoble

Saint-Pierre and Notre Dame-de-Mésage, two mountain towns with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants did not have public transit services. Transdev set up an entirely digital microtransit service allowing everyone to have a stop close to home.

« Flex » lines in the port of Le Havre

No more wasted time! The bus calls at stops only when necessary. Increased efficiency! Services are more profitable and personalized. By introducing an on-demand mobility service in the industrial port area, 100% of companies are covered, passengers have doubled and production costs have dropped by 30%. 

PTFlex, the integrated ToD service in the Netherlands

There are no fixed routes in our PTFlex services. You are picked up at the stop and time of your choice. You can share your journey with other passengers, but we guarantee your arrival time. With 15 operations and 22,000 passengers per month, these services have found their audience!

A 24/7 public service thanks to ToD

Transdev initiated “LiA de Nuit” in Le Havre, a 100% digital on-demand mobility service for night owls and workers. The result: twice as many stops served and year-round service, for no additional cost. LiA de Nuit has received awarded numerous awards.

14 million
On demand passengers every year
Passengers on our digital operations
Pilots since 2016

A simple and intuitive customer journey

Parcours TOD_EN

The MyMobi application: Transport on demand

YouTube drops trackers when displaying videos. By clicking on "Authorize", these tracers will be deposited and the video will be displayed. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

We work with local authorities to elaborate a tailor-made solution: areas to be covered, customers to carry, and the on-demand network specifications to set up, they’re all different every time. Our specific solutions cover four types of needs:

  • Stop-to-hub: to get from a stop in a defined area to one or more drawdown points (generally an exchange hub)
  • Stop-to-stop: to get from a stop to another in a defined area
  • End-of-line: to get from a regular line stop to another stop in a defined zone
  • Virtual line: to get from a stop to another on an on-demand defined line

On-demand/Microtransit Portfolio of Expertise


Chronopro: our 100% digital “stop-to-hub” solution

Committed to the idea of facilitating each traveler’s total freedom of mobility, we’ve developed Chronopro, a 100% digital solution that encourages the use of public transport, whatever the place, need or time:

  • a single application for all passengers wherever they are
  • a map-centric tool that allows you to visualize the arrival of a vehicle on a map
  • a real-time interface that allows the driver to communicate with passengers

Currently deployed on four networks in France (Vitrolles, Beauvais, Courtabœuf and Mulhouse), Chronopro’s track record is very impressive.

average travel time (Vitrolles)
in trips and -77% of kilometers travelled (Vitrolles)
of CO2/month (Vitrolles)

Integrating carpooling into the existing network

In order to offer mobility solutions that allow ever greater freedom and flexibility, we are constantly innovating with the most successful start-ups.


In this way, we offer a complementary car-sharing solution that integrates other modes of transport.


What’s at stake? Complete multi-modal integration offering passengers seamless travel.

ToD, a link in a long chain of mobility

Transport on demand is part of a wide array of mobility solutions ranging from trains to car-sharing, from trams to bicycles.


Transdev is capable of providing transport authorities with many solutions, ensuring multi-modal integration and offering passengers seamless travel.

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