Corporate, institutional and industrial-site transport

Drawing on our expertise in public transport, we support institutions and companies in their efforts to improve employee mobility. Our commitment: to innovate in increasingly effective eco-mobility solutions, to make life easier for their employees.

Our commitment: to offer your employees freedom of movement on a daily basis. We are a trusted partner of companies and institutions for the transportation of their visitors and employees.


Dedicated regular routes for transporting employees to or within industrial production sites.


Routes, rotation times, type and number of vehicles available… We define a customized mobility plan, drawn up in coordination with each company. We put in place optimized resources to meet every need, thanks to our portfolio of expertise: coaches, shared shuttles, car pooling, bicycles, etc.

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Internal services for large, multipolar sites

We provide transportation from the workplace to public transport terminals and within the company, with one objective in mind: to offer comfort and freedom in day-to-day mobility, with a focus on professional efficiency.


We have international experience and strong local roots, combined with the resources needed to manage our customers’ specific requirements (multi-site, multi-territory, multi-modality, etc.).


On-demand transport for visitors to companies or business parks


Equipped with VTC-type on-demand services, we meet the needs of companies for the transportation of their visitors.


In the United States(nouvelle fenêtre), we transport some 6,000 employees a day from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, for companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Genentech. The interiors of their shuttles have been custom-designed with comfortable work tables, Wi-Fi and ergonomic seats to enhance their employees’ travel experience.

Our eco-mobility offer: cleaner transport

As the European leader in zero-emission mobility, we offer companies and institutions eco-mobility solutions to reduce the environmental impact of employee transport (electric shuttles, biofuel shuttles, Euro 6 standard coaches, etc.).


How can you help your employees and visitors get around your site in complete safety?

Shared autonomous transport services offer a wide range of mobility options.
At Rungis, employees at the Icade Orly-Rungis business park were able to use autonomous shuttles to get to the various catering outlets.

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For ICADE, Transdev guarantees a cutting-edge, innovative service of quality to its prospective clients. We particularly appreciated the recent introduction of Zen Bus.

This real-time bus information app for smartphones is a real step forward for travellers

Alain Guisnel, Sustainable Development Quality Director at ICADE