Boosting performance and supporting changing

The Group’s HR policy provides full support to every aspect of the Transdev 2020 project. Its main strategies and action plans are designed to sustain the ambitions of the Group and its employees, guiding them through the process of change.

Our people are at the heart of our work and form a powerful, real force

With a workforce of 82,000 in 20 countries, Transdev sees itself first and foremost as a people-centric group, engaged with both its employees and its customers.

At Transdev, one in four employees is female!

The human qualities of an organization are not a given – they take shape through day-to-day actions. Transdev supports local initiatives that help it become a Group that:

  • is solidly positioned to attract and retain talent,
  • values its employees in an environment where performance, innovation, and quality of the working environment come together.
  • is socially responsible and attractive

For the past two years, Transdev has been working with the non-profit organization Positive Planet and is a partner of the P+sitive Economy Forum in Le Havre, to promote sustainable initiatives that will support future generations. In this context, Transdev is working on its CSR performance using the Enterprise Positivity Index on three levels: Group, France, and the Le Havre network.