First Transdev buses are arriving in the Netherlands

d-buses-in-gooivechstreek Netherland

It took a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re finally here. The very first Transdev branded electric buses has arrived in the Netherlands. The buses are destined for the public transit operation Gooi & Vechtstreek, where the old Connexxion diesel buses will be replaced by electric Transdev buses from Ebusco and VDL.

In Gooi & Vechtstreek, employees are still working hard to be ready for the new buses. The charging infrastructure is being prepared and the drivers are being trained in electric driving. At the VDL factory in Heerenveen, the first buses are ready to go. VDL is moving the bus production to another location, but not before they have completed the buses for Gooi & Vechtstreek at their location in Heerenveen. Last week, our local colleagues got a sneak preview in the factory.

In the past decades, the VDL factory employees in Heerenveen have built more than 2,200 buses for Transdev in the Netherlands and its predecessors. More than 20% of the buses produced in this factory were commissioned by our company.

The day after the preview in the factory, the first two Transdev branded buses left Heerenveen for the Transdev Academy in Haarlem. There, they will be used to help the bus drivers with their in-service training in electric driving.The Transdev team members in Gooi & Vechtstreek are looking forward to getting to know the new buses, and more updates from the Netherlands are to come.

Transdev busses in-GooiVechstreek The Netherlands
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