A huge success for the first module of Trans’lead Top Managers hosted by Transdev Canada!

Participants Trans'lead Top Managers

From June 10th to June 14th, 22 Top Managers from 9 countries gathered to take part in the 5th edition of the Trans’lead development program in Canada.

Trans’Lead Top Managers program aims at developing talents demonstrating strong potential to be key contributors to the strategic development of Transdev Group. The program is sponsored by the Excom members and coordinated by Group HR teams.

Trans’lead Top Managers aims at developing leadership skills, understand the transformation in the mobility sector, and develop a sense of belonging to the Group. To meet these objectives, the program is carried out through two modules which include seminars, lectures, visits of our operations, and individual and collective leadership sessions.

This 5th edition has gathered 22 participants from Germany, Sweden, France, Colombia, Canada, the U.S., Portugal, the UK and Australia, representative of the richness and diversity of the Group, both in terms of background and skillsets.

Participants had the opportunity to meet with the railway division and transit teams in Ontario. They discovered our activities in Ottawa and Quebec and had a meeting with our PTA.

The next module will take place in France in October.

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