A 24-meter-long bi-articulated bus from Transdev goes down in history in Gothenburg


In connection with Transdev renewing the bus fleet in Gothenburg on 13 December 2020, the 24-meter-long Volvo buses disappeared from traffic on line 16 and were replaced by the new Mercedes Benz CapaCity. The 24-meter-long buses, which were Sweden’s longest, made history when they were put into service in Gothenburg in the early 2000s. Now it’s time for one of them to be donated to Spårvägssällskapet (the local Tramway Society) to be preserved for future generations.

It feels fantastic to be able to offer travelers in Gothenburg new technology and at the same time preserve the history of public transport by donating one of our 24-meter-long buses to Spårvägssällskapet in Gothenburg. With this, we hope to lift the constant development of public transport and at the same time support a local non-profit association that does a lot for the city’s heritage.

Eva Tiséus, Marketing and Communications Director at Transdev Sverige AB

The 24-meter-long bi-articulated bus that will now be donated to Spårvägssällskapet is of the Volvo 7500 type and has room for 165 passengers. The tram-like bus type was put into service in 2006 on trunk bus line 16 to increase the capacity of the line and reduce congestion.

These buses are characteristic of Gothenburg and were a big news when they arrived in the 2000s. They were Sweden’s longest buses and were launched in their time under the motto « Think tram – drive a bus ». We thank Transdev for the gift and look forward to being able to show it at the Tram Museum.

Dan Aronsson, Chairman of the Tramway Society

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