Transdev, in partnership with The Shifters association, gives an international dimension to The Mobility Fresco

Atelier Fresque de la mobilité / Mobility Fresco workshop

Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), December 6, 2023 – Transdev and The Shifters association sign today, a new agreement to deploy the Mobility Fresco workshops internationally. After concluding an initial partnership on June 22, 2023 to set up collaborative workshops in France to raise awareness of the carbon challenges of personal mobility, Transdev and The Shifters association will extend the scheme to the three continents where the Group is based and operates.

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    Germany, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and Canada are, after France, the first nine countries in which Transdev teams, trained by members of The Shifters, will organize workshops to develop knowledge in favor of decarbonized mobility.

    Inspired by the Climate Fresco, the Mobility Fresco aims to help people understand the challenges of mobility, not just from an ecological point of view, but also in economic and health terms. The objectives are manifold: first and foremost, it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by acting on all personal and business travel by employees, whether by individual or collective means. It also helps to flesh out a low-carbon transport strategy with concrete, clever ideas. Last but not least, these workshops can provide teams with a source of inspiration and a forum for debate with all public and private stakeholders, helping to advance mobility plans and - where applicable - Company Travel Plans.

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    Atelier Fresque de la mobilité / Mobility Fresco workshop

    Deploying the Mobility Fresco workshops around the world is in line with our core business of bringing people and territories closer together. Our No. 1 challenge is to increase public transportation offerings. This is the most efficient way to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility. Our partnership with The Shifters is an extension of our mission. It is designed to improve our environmental performance.

    Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev.

    Transdev is firmly committed to the decarbonization of transportation. The Group has set itself ambitious objectives in terms of greenhouse gas reduction and has adopted an environmental strategy, Moving Green, to achieve them. In line with this strategy, we are delighted to add a new dimension to the Mobility Fresco. It becomes international, in response to global issues. This is the fruit of close collaboration between Transdev teams and The Shifters. Intensifying the scope of this Fresco means placing the environmental issue at the heart of reflections and actions at all levels of the company, revealing how green innovation is at the heart of our activities, and finally forging a team spirit around objectives that make sense.

    Virginie Fernandes, Group Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer of Transdev Group.

    Melissa PEREZ, Vice President of Les Shifters and Virginie Fernandes, Transdev Group Strategy and Transformation Director

    From left to right : Melissa PEREZ, Vice President of Les Shifters and Virginie Fernandes, Transdev Group Strategy and Transformation Director.

    Through this partnership with Transdev, a major transportation operator and player in the decarbonization of the sector, the Mobility Fresco demonstrates its relevance as a tool for raising awareness and understanding of the issues and transformations that lie ahead.

    Laurent Perron, a volunteer with The Shifters association and pilot of the Mobility Fresco.

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