Launch of the CODATU Regional Forum in Bogota

Forum Codatu Bogota

Monday, June 26th, 2023, François Durovray, Chairman of CODATU, and Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of the TRANSDEV Group, opened the CODATU 2023 Forum at the Center Bus Fontibon, the largest electric bus center in the world (outside China). Transdev and Fanalca carried out this project, covering an area of 40,000 m2, in just 10 months.

The CODATU Forum, dedicated to urban mobility in Latin America, is designed in an immersive way. For three days, various field visits will allow delegates to:

  • understand the challenges of decarbonizing mobility in Latin America,
  • see how much Colombia is an innovative and inspiring country in terms of public transport.
Forum Codatu Bogota

Colombia is investing in reducing the carbon footprint of transport

There are nearly 1,500 electric buses in Bogota, including more than 400 operated by Transdev and its local partner Fanalca.

The Bus Fontibon center also houses a prototype hydrogen bus, as well as its hydrogen production station from renewable sources.

Innovation in the very design of transport infrastructure

Bogota is known for its efficient BRT system, which allows 2 million inhabitants to travel every day and avoid the many traffic jams. This system has proven itself, and it can inspire many developing cities, which seek to reduce road traffic and offer their inhabitants efficient, ecological and affordable alternatives for their purchasing power.

As for the cable, it has shown in this country all its social and environmental usefulness by easily serving certain outlying districts. Transdev will also be the first operator of an urban cable in the Ile de France region in 2025.

A moment of reflection and discussion

The transport sector encounters many issues and challenges with local authorities, to combine an increase in supply in the outskirts (a condition for reducing the share of cars) and investments in the greening of fleets. These two sector commitments give public transport an incomparable advantage in the fight against global warming, which is accelerating on all continents. The spirit of CODATU is to exchange between continents on everyday mobility solutions, planning and urban planning for the benefit of public transport, the greening of fleets and feedback, particularly in terms of innovation. technological.

The regional vocation of the CODATU Forum

This forum brings together 200 people from all over Latin America. All countries are committed to the development of public transport and Transdev supports this continent in all modes, from the Quito metro in Ecuador to electric buses in Chile. It should be remembered that this sector creates jobs, which cannot be relocated, with a variety of jobs (from driver to mechanic, including engineer) and jobs that give meaning to young people since we are at the forefront of making more sustainable and resilient planet.

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