Transdev Australia : strategies helping staff managing customer aggression


COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in mental health issues in the community and some organizations are reporting an increased incidence of customer aggression.

Transdev in Australia has developed procedures, training strategies and support mechanisms to help staff manage incidents of customer aggression including the need for early intervention.

Recently Sandra Code, Transdev’s Health Services Manager shared strategies implemented by Transdev to protect our people in a Customer Community Collaboration session hosted by Benestar (a local Mental Health Association).

The sessions, attended by a range of high-profile organizations, aim to develop a community of professionals who can share experiences and best practice examples to better support employees.

Ensuring the safety of our people and customers is paramount. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, so we have developed a comprehensive approach that supports our people to manage incidents of customer aggression.

This involves building the capacity of our people via training to handle incidents of customer aggression before an incident occurs, having clear procedures in place so they can manage situations safely when they happen, and post incident follow up focused on supporting individual wellbeing.

Transdev's Health Services Manager, Sandra Code

As part of the session Sandra shared Transdev’s approach to supporting staff to manage incidents of customer aggression including Transdev’s comprehensive approach to training, our well-developed procedures and our approach to post-incident support.

The session also explored the impacts of prolonged period of stress on employees and strategies for reintegrating staff as they return to the workplace.

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