‘This is what I do’ with On Yee Man, Operations Manager in the Netherlands

On Yee Man, Operations Manager in Transdev in The Netherlands

We continue featuring the employee portrait series called “This is what I do” from Transdev Netherlands. The series highlights the work of team members in different parts of the company and how they align with our Group’s purpose in serving the common good. This time we highlight On Yee Man, Operations Manager of the city region Arnhem-Nijmegen. Here is her interview.

To get things started: in what part of our company do you work and what is your role?

Since 1 February 2022, I have been working as Operations Manager within the city region Arnhem-Nijmegen. This means that I am responsible for all operational activities in this area. I manage the Operations Department of more than 800 employees, including Managers, Drivers, Planners and support staff. Together, we ensure that we can run the services as agreed with our client.

What does your average work week look like? 

Operational work is dynamic work. Not one week is the same. Sometimes I am busy with long-term activities, such as how we as an organization contribute to achieving sustainable ambitions. Other times I am busy with the short term, which means I must react to problems that arise. Recently, for example, a towing truck ran into the bus station, causing a lot of damage to the roof. My team then acted quickly to protect the passengers and guide them to the right bus.

I also have recurring appointments in my diary. I often consult with the other management members. I also always make time to visit the depots in Arnhem, Bemmel and Nijmegen. As a manager, I think it is crucial to be in the workplace a lot. On the bus is where it happens. My job is to know what is going on there, what drivers are experiencing with passengers. I think that you can only do your job well as a manager if you are involved in that way.

What do you like most about your job?

I like connecting with people. You can always knock on my door with a dilemma or any other issue. Together we start the conversation and that is how I try to help colleagues on their way. Sometimes I can help someone with something practical, but just listening and showing understanding is often valuable.

What skills do you need to do this job?

Besides connecting people, I would like to mention two more things. The first is being able to handle stress, because in this operational work you must change gear a lot. The goal is to keep the buses running. If you don’t act immediately, the impact on passengers can be great. The second skill is therefore having a helicopter view. You must keep an overview and quickly assess whether something is a big problem.

If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?

I am very satisfied with my current job, so there is nothing I would like to change about my job. What I would like to contribute more to is increasing the diversity within our organization. Transdev is a company where everyone is welcome. We’re already heading in the right direction and we’re becoming more inclusive, but I’d like to see more of it. I’m convinced that if we get even more colleagues with different backgrounds, the company will become even more powerful and fun.

And what part of your job makes you proud?

When colleagues are having an issue with something, and we have a good talk about it together. That can be about work itself, but also about mutual relationships or something in their family. I then try to listen carefully, ask questions and support someone. I often manage to make someone’s day. That feels really good.

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