Digital services: Simplifying mobility every day

For Transdev, continuous innovation is a means of generating operational performance and accelerating growth. Innovation is at the heart of its business fundamentals, its products, services and processe.

Business fundamentals

Transdev develops innovations for its business fundamentals (maintenance, safety, etc.) with apps such as Télédiagnostic and TouCango.


Using on-board sensors and calculators, technical data on vehicles in operation is sent directly to the workshop, in real-time. Benefits include the prevention of breakdowns, rapid repairs, and the optimization of maintenance.


This alert system prevents drivers from falling asleep at the wheel using facial recognition software. TouCango detects early signs of fatigue or distraction in the driver.
Toucango website


With the AlerT mobile app, the user pre-registers one or more contact numbers (control room, emergency assistance, etc.) so that an employee can instantly send an alert following an incident or accident. The alert is geolocated and illustrated, and sent to the operations managers and/or network safety officers.

Customer experience

Transdev develops innovative solutions to offer new and better customer experience with performance systems such as T.ex, Datix, and Listen.


Transdev Custom Experience provides a detailed analysis of passengers' journeys in order to identify potential areas for improvement in the customer experience.

Datix, Listen

In this era of “big data”, these exclusive Transdev systems enable the group to gather, organize, process, and analyze a vast amount of passenger data, in order to improve customer relations.

Digital solutions

Transdev, the mobility services integrator, offers innovative technological solutions.

Card payment

When you board a bus, it takes just a few seconds to pay using contactless card payment. This method saves times and makes passenger boarding more efficient.

Transdev is innovating by following the example of London:
 Grenoble is the first city in France to offer contactless payment for bus travel. Like the London network, the TAG network in Grenoble is letting passengers try out contactless payment on its busiest line, Chrono C1.


Transdev operates taxi services in 15 major US cities, including Washington, Pittsburgh, Denver, Kansas City, and Baltimore. ZTrip lets users order a cab instantly, as well as plan a trip for the next day or later in the week, which is particularly popular with customers. Booking is easy, and at the end of the ride, payment is simply deducted from the customer’s account. Available taxis are displayed on a map in real time, and the customer’s cab is tracked on the map as it moves, meter by meter.


This system uses a multimodal, multipartner database to provide an intermodal travel experience that is consistent across the Greater Toronto Area, using new technologies and the latest 

Triplinx website


This carpooling app will soon allow individual drivers to use their car to complement public transit in return for compensation.

Fleetme internet website