Digital services : Simplifying mobility every day

Transdev offers passengers a variety of ways to help them make travel decisions, get to their destinations in the shortest time, obtain personalized information in real-time, and even calculate the carbon footprint of their journey.

Virtual and intelligent hubs

Sharing the expertise, intelligence, agility and fluidity of travel with passengers: that is the aim of Transdev’s digital services, which come in different forms. These include onboard and platform displays, guidance at transit centers, information by phone or via Internet, whether to a fixed line or a mobile device, etc.

Tapping into the evolving urban environment and technological advances, these tools use geolocation, real-time and even predictive technology to inform users of traffic conditions and multimodal solutions for each journey - including by foot!

Mobility assistants

The apps developed by Transdev are powerful and unique gateways to mobility, and support travelers with their information systems (OptyMod, Emma, Lia, Citea, etc.) as well as useful features such as ticketing (Mticket, E-boutique, GoMobile).

In France and overseas, transit networks in large cities benefit from these latest-generation digital services, which already operate in Le Havre, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Rhône-Alpes, Toulon, Valence, Dublin, Nassau and New York.