À Dublin, Transdev verdit le tramway de LUAS

In Dublin, we have been supporting the city since 2014 to build a public transportation network with a low environmental impact. Raising awareness of travellers about CO2 savings, campaigns to save energy and natural resources, funding of research, etc. Our efforts have received multiple awards and are recognised by the ISO 14001 certification for the excellence of our environmental management.

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Optimizing the energy consumption of transit services

To achieve concrete results, energy transition must be taken onboard, understood and actively demanded by citizens. Transdev is making people in Dublin aware of the environmental benefits of public transport. An on-line eco-calculator informs them about CO2 emissions avoided during their journeys.


Transdev is itself committed to reducing CO2 emissions generated by the tram system by 2%. This requires ongoing efforts both in terms of operation and maintenance. The regular and precise collection of water and electricity consumption data makes it possible to fine tune energy-saving initiatives in as far as possible. 

water consumption since 2010
electricity consumption since 2010

Since 2004, Transdev has had ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. This certification was renewed in April 2017.

No compromise where service quality for passengers is concerned

Transdev’s number-one priority continues to be passenger satisfaction. This unswerving commitment has never changed since it began working with the city of Dublin. Passenger numbers on the tram system increased by 55% between 2005 and 2016. The figures speak for themselves!

Reliability, safety, punctuality and continuous improvements in services are all key aspects of Transdev’s offer. Objectives which are very much in keeping with its environmental commitments: in 2016, Transdev Dublin received two awards: the Repak Ireland Pakman award for “Green transport of the year” and the Logistics and Transport award for “Green Transport Provider”.


Transdev is also jointly financing a research project from Dublin’s Institute of Technology concerning energy reductions for a tram system during its operational phases. Because innovation is always vital to improving performance.

In 2016, Transdev Ireland signed the COP21commitment and call to action, “Business in the Community Ireland”.