Transdev injects fresh dynamism into Brittany’s rail network

The Carhaix-Guingamp, Guingamp-Paimpol and “La Vapeur du Trieux” lines play a central role in Brittany’s regional planning for both passenger and freight transportation. Transdev has operated these three lines and their 90 kilometers of track since 2006.

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Transdev, a key partner in Brittany’s regional planning

Transdev has strong roots in Brittany. Its production center located in Carhaix, Finistère, enables it to guarantee the close proximity and monitoring essential to managing such sensitive infrastructure. From commercial operation to equipment maintenance, not forgetting driving trains and managing traffic, CFTA Bretagne, a Transdev subsidiary, operates these lines efficiently while also providing a safe and secure service.


Created in the early 20th century, Brittany’s rail network made it possible to open up access to several towns at a time when trains only served the coastal towns. The three lines form a continuation of this project, providing access to the towns of Carhaix, Guingamp and Paimpol, thanks to a high-quality service.

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Recognized safety

Operated to the highest standards in terms of passenger information and punctuality, these lines benefit from rigorous management locally, supported by Transdev’s overall safety system. The 62 staff (including 11 drivers) are trained in all aspects of safety at the Transdev Group’s training center.

It is thanks to these demanding requirements that the future of the local rail network has been secured, for the well-being and comfort of the residents of Carhaix, Guingamp and Paimpol. The tourism aspect is also essential one, as with 26,000 travelers per year “La Vapeur du Trieux” (a tourist train pulled by a steam engine) is a popular transport method for exploring the Côtes d’Armor area. The results speak for themselves: between 2016 and 2017, the service quality ratings for these lines exceeded the targets set by the region and by the SNCF. These results are also the fruit of significant infrastructure maintenance work. As Transdev sees it, you can’t put a price on customer satisfaction.

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