A high-quality modernized network in Auckland

In 2006, the Auckland urban area began the electrification of its rail network. Transdev seamlessly carried through the technological transition of this suburban rail system. 

Transdev Group Auckland Train passenger mobility company - yellow rail station Auckland Australia passengers crowd

The challenge of electrification

Technological change is always a challenge in the day-to-day running of a transitnetwork. Thanks to its expertise and the extreme attention to detail with which the electrification project was prepared, Transdev and Auckland Transport successfully carried through this delicate transition. Everything possible was done to minimize disruption to passengers, including the creation of a replacement bus service. Today, a fleet of modern, comfortable and safe electric trains operates on Auckland’s streets, meeting with universal acclaim.

Improved service quality

Technological change of this scale also provides an opportunity to strive for optimal service quality. This is exactly what happened in Auckland, including real-time traffic information, automated announcements and an integrated ticketing system. Travelers have benefited from the latest innovations, but also from the day-to-day commitment of Transdev’s staff who are specially trained to provide a better response to travelers’ needs and expectations, and from improved support when special events and incidents occur.

journeys in 2018
satisatisfaction level in 2018
punctuality rate in 2018

A network which is keen to listen

To consolidate these results, suggestions from customers are always important. “Let’s talk” days give them an opportunity to express themselves freely. In keeping with the spirit of dialog and integration, Transdev’s staff receive special training to make it easier for disabled people to travel.

Did you know ?

The Maori guards voluntarily perform accident prevention and public security activities. By encouraging their integration, Transdev is helping to promote closer social links. As we see it, this is also part of a transit network’s job!