Living and getting around better together

The Transdev Foundation works to eliminate exclusion through initiatives in areas such as employment, training, citizenship, and access to mobility for everyone.

Working closely with local communities and regions

Involvement in local communities, contributing to regional development, and helping people live better lives together are in the Transdev Group's DNA. The role of the Transdev Foundation is to take this commitment even further, in clearly identified areas. For example, the Transdev Foundation provides financial support to charities and important players in local economies, who work in the public interest to support people and foster social cohesion.

Values and areas that relate to the current issues affecting our society

Transdev’s role as a public transit operator places people at the heart of the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation promotes three values that reflect the Group's desire to encourage communication between all members of society, and help people feel included in their local communities.

The Foundation’s values


Solidarity with people in difficulty is necessary for social cohesion, and concerns us all. Charities are on the frontline, working directly with the people affected. To ensure nobody is left behind, the Transdev Foundation is playing its part in these local campaigns of support.


In a society in crisis and in need of shared values, we must play a stronger role in supporting our neighborhoods. Developing the ability to live together through a shared experience of mobility is an ambition that drives the actions of the Transdev Foundation in cities and regions.


Working in the public interest, those responsible for community projects believe in what they do, and are able to get others involved in their campaigns. The same goes for the people who work at the Transdev Foundation: they listen to people’s needs, understand the reality of their lives, and work for the common good.