Transdev signs a partnership with The Women’s voices

Cynthia Illouz, fondatrice du media The Women's Voices et Edouard Hénaut DG de Transdev France

Transdev and The Women's Voices have signed a long-term partnership agreement on Monday April 29th 2024.

This partnership is in line with the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. It marks an innovative alliance to enable women to make their voices heard.

This collaboration will help raise public awareness of the importance of women’s place in the company, and Transdev is convinced that diversity is a tremendous opportunity for the company and a genuine performance lever.

Transdev has room for improvement in its feminization objectives, and to go even further the Group is launching several programs to help Transdev women develop and progress within the organization.

For 2 years, Cynthia Illouz, founder of The Women’s Voices media, will work with Transdev to highlight 10 women in the company, 5 in the first year and 5 in the second.

Personalized coaching will be offered to enable them to talk about the different professions they represent in the company. The idea is to offer them a sympathetic media space to speak out in a variety of formats.

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