Will the public transportation systems of tomorrow be fair for all?

  • Damien Bousson

    Damien Bousson

    Co-founder of Atsukè

20 February 2024

Transport tickets are an essential part of ensuring fair access to public transport.

This conviction is at the heart of Atsukè and our applications, including Ticket by SMS and ATICK, which make it easy for users to obtain their tickets through their usual digital channels, while allowing transport networks to centralize the B2B2C distribution of their tickets. Today, it's essential that transport networks — no matter their size — offer a variety of solutions, enabling everyone to choose the method of obtaining their ticket that suits them best.


When it comes to innovation, many technological advances have been made, but it is crucial to simplify and diversify the means of urban mobility.


Offering promising prospects, contactless technologies and QR codes are now widespread.


Experimentation plays a crucial role. If we were to take greater advantage of the variety of digital contact points (retailers, shows, exhibitions, tourism…), transport tickets could be systematically offered as part of the purchase process, with transport preparation directly associated with it. For example, the purchase of a ticket to attend a match would include the return journey, to discourage car use.

This vision is also an opportunity for transport networks to optimize their digital investments by leveraging those of their partners. Mobility would thus become fully integrated into all aspects of our daily lives.