Our teams are fully mobilized so that you can travel in complete safety. Passenger and employee safety is our priority.

To limit the spread of the Coronavirus in countries where we operate, our transportation services are adapted to guarantee a safe and sustainable mobility for everyone.

According to government recommendations, we are implementing strict hygiene measures, adapting them to the specificities of each country and region.

Our main measures, in accordance with local context:

  • daily disinfection of our vehicles,

  • implementation of distancing measures with seats locked and markings in vehicles, stops or ticket agencies,

  • mobilization of our teams to help supervise the wear of masks by passengers where it is recommended,

  • no more ticket sales aboard, replaced by contactless payments via mobile phone, bankcards, ticket vending machines or in ticket agencies…

  •  availability of hydroalcoholic gel in vehicles, depending on agreements with Public Transit Authorities,

  • passenger flow management in vehicles to ensure physical distancing

To guarantee the distancing in our vehicles and on the platforms, we ask our passengers to restrict their travel to essential ones, in particular those needed for their professional life, and to give priority to walking or cycling. Working from home should also be preferred whenever it is possible. It is vital not to saturate public transportation and to prevent a massive use of personal cars, known as a major factor of pollution and congestion in cities. We also call on passengers to adapt their travel time when moving to smooth the rush hour period.


This COVID-19 fight is a collective challenge. Everyone’s responsibility is fundamental to ensure the continuity of service on all our services in the best conditions.


A special European fund is needed to support public transportation to meet the challenges of lockdown exit

Since the beginning of the health crisis, public transportation ridership has logically collapsed throughout Europe with the introduction of containment; according to the UITP, the reduction in ridership in some European cities has reached more than 85%.

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