Celebrating the Cleanteam in Nijmegen in the Netherlands


The Cleanteam in Nijmegen in the Netherlands has been active for over 10 years and in early October the lifted COVID-19 rules allowed for an in-person celebration to recognize their hard work.

Pluryn and Driestroom are the two Dutch organizations that Transdev in the Netherlands work with regards to the Cleanteam. These organizations actively help people who are disadvantaged on the labor market (for whatever reason) to have a meaningful daily activity. This enables the individuals to gain precious work experience as a steppingstone to perhaps a permanent job.

The Cleanteam currently consists of 17 persons. Their responsibilities are to ensure that after a thorough cleaning, the buses look spick and span again and are clean when they hit the road. Their work leads to better scores in the quality reports that the province of Gelderland issues every month by means of physical observations through “secret shoppers”.

But the Cleanteam also do other things for Transdev in the Netherlands. They do all kinds of small jobs, such as removals, distributing posters and leaflets on the buses, minor jobs at bus stops and keeping the depot grounds and its surroundings clean.

During the celebration, held in a festively decorated car wash, Gerard van Beek from AVM Logistics Nijmegen, presented all members of the Cleanteam all with a certificate or recognition. Team members also received a Breng (brand of the region) bath towel and a delicious snack.

And finally, and to every Cleanteam member’s excitement, they were invited to experience driving a bus in the Transdev Academy bus simulator. It was a small token of appreciation from Transdev Netherlands for all their hard work, and looks forward to the another 10 years of this wonderful partnership.

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