Worldwide operations

We operate in 20 countries, on all continents, and operate 14 modes of transportation serving communities, businesses and the general public. We mobilise all the resources available to an international Group to develop the regions where we operate.
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Transdev Network

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Organisation of our network in the world

Thanks to our global presence, we benefit from a global vision of mobility and a local anchorage that allows us to develop unique, relevant offers adapted to the needs and realities of each city, region, population, community, etc.

North America

With our broad base in Canada and the United States, we ensure all types of mobility from shuttle to autonomous vehicles to the transport of persons with reduced mobility.

South America

As an operator of coach lines in Chile and Colombia, we have expertise adapted to the specificities of this part of the world.


Developing tramway lines in Morocco, we are a major player in the renewal of the country’s cities.


Present in ten countries in Europe (France, Germany, Czech republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland), we are the leading European operator of zero emission mobility.


With our tramways and subways in Hong Kong, South Korea, India and China, we are a major player in light rail in Asia.


Our presence in Australia covers five transport modes (light rail, ferries, coaches, buses and on demand transport). In New Zealand, we manage urban rail networks in Auckland and Wellington.