Transdev strengthens internal knowledge sharing about electromobility

Transdev strengthens internal knowledge sharing about electromobility screenshot of a video of Lucien Jegoux

Over the last few years, Transdev has acquired a significant and global expertise when it comes to transforming public transport networks towards electromobility. Along with transit authorities and partners, the Group is now operating more than 2,000 battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell buses & coaches as well as trolleybuses in Europe, North and South America and Australasia.

Early 2020, Transdev founded the Zero Emission Team, a Center of Expertise gathering 8 experts, to take full advantage of the first e-bus experiments and replicate Transdev Nederland’ success stories in other cities and regions worldwide.

Since last year, the ZE Team has facilitated an internal community of ZE Ambassadors in 13 different countries to share best practices for the benefit of clients and teams.

The ZE team enables us to spread this expertise around the world, with the support of our ambassadors in all Transdev countries, to reach our Moving Green strategy ambition and reduce our GHG emissions.

Spencer Milburn, Senior Zero Emission Project Manager, Transdev Nederland

Most recently, the Center of Expertise has launched ZE@transdev, an internal knowledge platform to strengthen knowledge transfer, popularize key concepts associated with e-bus operations and foster collaboration between experts and non-experts.

At Transdev, we firmly believe that knowledge-sharing and best practices exchange are key to develop knowledge on the best operational and managerial set-ups to make of smart and large-scale electrification of networks a reality.

Thierry Mallet, Chairman & CEO of Transdev Group

Transdev’s new knowledge base is key to provide public authorities with best-in-class support on their large battery electric bus deployments, hydrogen mobility projects or when retrofitting diesel intercity coaches.

Full details of all Transdev zero emission solutions are available online by clicking here.

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