Inauguration of the « AuxHYGen » hydrogen station in Auxerre, France


Crédits Photos © Communauté d’agglomération de l’auxerrois

The new « AuxHYGen » station in Auxerre, in the Burgundy region in France will now supply 5 hydrogen buses from the Léo urban transit network, managed by Transdev.

The new Auxerrois hydrogen ecosystem was inaugurated last month by Crescent Marault, Mayor of Auxerre and President of the Auxerrois Community, alongside Edouard Hénaut, Managing Director Transdev France and major players in the hydrogen sector, in particular Michel Neugnot, 1st Vice-President of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO of EDF (the French multinational electric utility company, largely owned by the French state).

With the launch of the station, the urban community now produces green hydrogen which supplies 5 hydrogen electric buses from the Léo urban network, operated by Transdev. The creation of this ecosystem is a real step forward in decarbonizing public transportation, and ultimately private transport in Auxerrois.

Thus, already 20% of the vehicles in the network are “zero emission” buses, or more than 500,000 trips per year. Businova H2 buses are designed and manufactured by the company Safra (Albi), the only French manufacturer of hydrogen buses. They were funded half by the region and half by the European Union.

By 2023, the fleet is expected to reach 10 vehicles in the metropolitan area. By developing new energies such as hydrogen, Transdev first and foremost demonstrates a societal commitment to improve air quality in cities, reduce noise pollution and improve the onboard experience for customers, as well as the comfort of drivers.

© Communauté d'agglomération de l'auxerrois
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