Transdev Group 2023 corporate brochure

2023 Corporate brochure

Download Transdev Group 2023 corporate brochure : a fast-growing global group at the heartof mobility challenges.

Mobility is a means, not an end. It enables us to go to school or to work, to meet others, to cultivate ourselves, to escape, to entertain ourselves, and to see our loved ones, whether they are near or far. Mobility is an essential need. Transdev endeavors each day to meet this essential need: to deliver a safe, efficient and increasingly sustainable service available to all. The challenge for Transdev is to enable people to get around while contributing to the common good, by offering transportation solutions designed as instruments of social cohesion and development. To further meet this ambition, Transdev continues to innovate and expand the coverage of its services to serve all types of communities. Innovating means creating appropriate alternatives to the model of private car use. This requires taking into account the communities and their demographic density, topography, needs, uses and constraints in order to develop suitable solutions.

Transdev Group 2023 Corporate brochure

Download Transdev Group 2023 Corporate brochure
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