Memorandum of understanding signed between Transdev and Ebusco for the purchase of electric buses


The Dutch royal couple’s visit to France underlines the economic cooperation between businesses from these two countries.

As a company firmly committed to transition towards green energy, Transdev today signed a memorandum of understanding with Ebusco for the purchase of seven to nine electric vehicles. These standard 12-metre buses, each with a 90-passenger capacity, boast a range of more than 250 kilometres. They can thereby serve regular routes throughout the day without compromising operations. This is the first undertaking of such scale that Transdev has performed in the Ile-de-France region. The buses will serve line 1 entirely. This is a key route linking Argenteuil’s train station to that of Sartrouville.

The operation forms part of a special scheme put in place by STIF, the federative authority for public transport in the Ile-de-France region. This programme seeks to transform the current fleet of vehicles, reorienting it to be based on greener energies. Running these vehicles in real conditions will allow for feedback in technical and economic terms, and with regard to environmental benefits and passenger comfort.

The signing ceremony will take place in the presence of the Dutch royal couple at the Cité de Mode et du Design. Transdev and Ebusco will drive the Dutch king and queen in one of the autonomous electric buses concerned by the memorandum of understanding.

Conexxion, a Transdev subsidiary, is the leading public transport operator in the Netherlands.

About Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia, Transdev is a world leader in mobility. Transdev guides and supports local transport authorities from pre-project phase, to project support and development, to everyday operation of transport networks. With 83,000 employees in 19 countries, the group operates 43,000 vehicles and 22 light rail networks. In 2014, Transdev generated €6.6bn in turnover.

About Ebusco

EBUSCO® is a Dutch company specialised in the development, marketing and sales of electric buses for the European market. The company adapts existing designs to be compliant with European regulations and equips buses with monitoring systems required by European operators to ensure that the public transport they offer is safe and economically viable. EBUSCO® is a pioneer in the development of electric bus transport. It was the first European company to receive European approval for an all-electric bus. Since 2010, the company has gained experience by rolling out 300 buses servicing regular routes (325 km per day). By deploying all-electric EBUSCO® buses, it will be possible to reach the EU emissions targets for public and private transport and freight in an urban environment for the next fifty years.

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