At the heart of our transformation, our culture and our context as an international group, is our purpose which is both our backbone, which connects us all, and our focus for driving our decisions :

“We empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable, and innovative solutions that serve the common good.”

We are pleased to share this with you, together with the main objectives of the transformation we are conducting, to better answer the needs of our customers and clients - in a rapidly changing environment - and better support and accompany them day-after-day.


2023 Corporate brochure

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Because mobility is infinitely human, we define ourselves as people serving people. That is why we commit collectively to always serve better our customers, inhabitants, communities and businesses which trust us with an enlarged service offering. Following the acquisition of First Transit (March 2023), Transdev carries nearly 10 million passengers daily, thanks to its various efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transport, and employs more than 100,000 women and men serving its passengers, thus consolidating its position as world leader in public transportation. 


Beyond the operation of transport systems, we now become a global integrator of daily mobility solutions addressing the needs of today and tomorrow.


Because at Transdev we believe that mobility must be seamless and easily accessible, we fully master all mobility solutions and develop analysis tools to better understand and anticipate the needs of your communities and businesses.


Because mobility is all about innovation, we are committed to deploying the most efficient, accessible, economical, safe and sustainable solutions. To provide with the most adapted mobility solutions, we are building an ecosystem of partner companies to ensure the best service at the best cost. To make this change and this ambition more visible, our Group is modernizing its brand and has chosen a new tagline: the mobility company. The mobility company means that Transdev and mobility are one. 


You must therefore see it as a commitment: that of operating and integrating the best mobility solutions of daily life, in a spirit of open partnership.


With you and for you – partners, clients and customers – we invent the mobility of tomorrow: more personalized, more autonomous, more connected and more sustainable.


Transdev is a public limited company with a Board of Directors, jointly owned by the Caisse des Dépôts Group (66%) and the RETHMANN Group (34%). The two groups share the same values of serving the common good and the same objective: to support the economic development of communities. This alliance enable Transdev to benefit from solid and trusted support.




Nobody can stop you. You have people to see, places to go, a world to explore and dreams to pursue.


We move with you

To clear your path

With smarter solutions

By making things smoother

To not slow you down.


So we move forward

In comfort and safety

By thinking ahead and innovating

For generations to come.


Let’s open up regions

Serve more communities,

Deliver better business

And get everyone on board.


Mobility is the key

And sustainability the way

To let people roam freely

On their daily journey.


Nobody can stop you and we’re just getting started.


Transdev, The Mobility Company

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All about mobility, everywhere with you.


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