Another vision of mobility

Transdev designs, deploys and operates mobility solutions combining all modes of transportation and including services which make passengers’ daily lives easier. Its action makes mobility a lever for quality of life and regional development.

A new mobility landscape

The world of mobility is on the cusp of profound change. This is firstly due to the digital revolution, which means people are always connected; thanks to technical progress and smartphones, they can make their mobility decisions at the last minute, based on real-time information. 

This creates new needs (instant, simple, ubiquitous, uniform, personalized, sustainable) and new behaviors. The growth in the sharing and user economy has reached the mobility sector, leading to new real-time, on-demand services (carpooling, car sharing, etc.), new mobility platforms, and new customer relations models.

A new landscape of intermodal mobility is taking shape, breaking down barriers between mass “capacity-oriented” transit and individual “demand-oriented” solutions. 

Our vision

Mobility means freedom, and freedom has become an essential need, and a right: the right to be able to access work, education, culture, and form social connections.
We are certain that every single person should be able to access the most efficient mobility solutions, adapted to meet their needs, at any time, in any place.

Our mission

Transdev works hard and innovates every day to provide the most comprehensive range of mobility services and solutions, which anticipate and fulfil society’s needs (ease of use, respect for the environment, fairness and equality, etc.).

Our ambition

Our ambition is to be a trusted partner for our customers and the passengers we transport, to be a benchmark on our market, a leader in mobility, able to deploy efficient and innovative transit services everywhere, in all environments, in all contexts.