How can we make local transport more attractive?

  • Thomas  Côte

    Thomas Côte

    CEO and founder of WEVER

20 February 2024

In my opinion, the concept of attractability implies placing the individual back at the center of the conceptual process when considering, building and adapting mobility solutions.

Criteria such as safety, travel cost or travel time are objective criteria. As individuals are by definition not rational, what matters to them most is their perception, rather than the actual cost.

What is unsafe for one person is not necessarily so for another. Similarly, the quest for the fastest possible journey is not the criteria held by everyone. If the expectations of each individual are not taken into account, attractability  does not exist. If these needs are not at the heart of the approach, we're working on a shell that will remain empty overall, which explains why the use of alternative modes to meet individual preferences has reached a plateau.

Capturing data on individual experiences, whether as a user or not, is central. From this daily experience, shared but differentiated, an interesting chain can be set up: each individual can help his or her city, employer or mobility operator in improving existing solutions and to invent new ones, thus becoming  ever more efficient and responsible.