Financial results

The performance achieved during the year 2019 validates Transdev’s strategic reorientation on its core business activities with local authorities and businesses.


The year was marked by a 6.7% increase in revenue at €7.416 billion, a current operating income of €145 million and a net income group share of €45.7 million.


The support of its two shareholders, Caisse des Dépôts Group and the Rethmann Group, as well as the establishment of a new Executive Committee, have helped to accelerate the company's transformation.

Update, April 3, 2020 – Sanitary Crisis Covid-19

The development of the pandemic has led to confinement measures in most of Transdev’s operating zones as of mid-March 2020.

In cooperation with local and national health and sanitary officials, the Group is dedicated to ensuring continued transportation across the globe, in order to guarantee safe and reliable mobility services while protecting our staff and our passengers.

In this context of crisis, the general meeting of shareholders decided to not distribute any dividends in 2020.







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