Urban and intercity : Public transit expertise

Urban and intercity public transit is the Transdev Group’s core business and the cornerstone of its expertise. It covers the whole range of mobility solutions.

Intercity transit: new growth

Understanding the regions, serving their inhabitants

Transdev is the leading provider of intercity transit in France, with more than 1,200 vehicles (mainly buses and coaches). It controls 24% of the market with a comprehensive range of services, including express, regular, school and suburban services. It also offers transport on demand and specific solutions for employees, people with reduced mobility, tourists, and so on.

Urban transit: a different way to live in the city

Light rail: the expertise of the world’s number one

Transdev has long played a role in the revival of light rail, and is now the world leader, operating 22 networks in 19 countries across 6 continents.

The ultimate mode of urban transit, light rail offers many benefits (rapidity, frequency, ease of access, comfort, silence, etc.) and is the ideal framework for developing a multimodal network that integrates other mobility solutions, particularly green methods such as cycling, car sharing and walking.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): space to breathe

Inspired by high-capacity express lines in North and South America, BRT combines the principles of conventional buses with those of light rail, operating in dedicating lanes, benefiting from optical guidance technology, and being able to carry more passengers than standard buses.

Adapted to medium-sized cities, BRT helps revitalize city centers and suburban areas alike, offering four main advantages: speed, regularity, frequency, and capacity.

Buses: the keys to efficiency

Transdev operates a large number of bus routes in 13 countries, from the smallest fleet of 10 to 20 buses to the large networks with more than 600.

Each service is put together using Transdev’s exclusive three-step method, which optimizes the service provided to the local authority and passengers in three areas:

  • Routes are clear
  • Schedules are easy to understand
  • The service is efficient commercially, economically and ecologically

Tram-train: rapid and adaptable

This new mode of transit operates on light rail tracks in urban areas and on rail tracks in suburban areas. The high-performance, eco-friendly, silent vehicles offer rapid and comfortable journeys.

Transdev has been one of the initiators of this solution for the future, and is creating new links between cities and their surrounding regions.

Metro: international experience

Metro systems form the backbone of public transit networks in the world’s largest cities, and Transdev has the experience of a global leader in this mode, particularly through its partnership with RATP Dev for the operation of the networks in Mumbai (India) and Seoul (South Korea).

In France, Transdev has been operating the electric metro CDGVal – which links the airport terminals, train stations and car parks at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle – since June 2015.