Green modes : Good for health, good for the environment

The bicycle is the symbol of green mobility, and is a fast-growing mode which Transdev is integrating closely into its multimodal approach, alongside electric cars, walking, and the green solutions of the future.

Connecting individual and public transit

Through its subsidiary Véloway, Transdev is working with 20 French cities to manage this service, which can be offered in three different forms: self-service bicycle hire, medium- and long-term bicycle rental, and secure parking at transit hubs.

Transdev is also rolling out a self-service electric car hire scheme in a number of cities, and is working on new green transit opportunities such as the electric scooter, or the Yikibike, a new generation of ultra-lightweight, folding e-bikes.


Self-service bicycle hire scheme

Self-service bicycle hire is appealing and highly popular with the public, and directly helps promote and spread the use of bicycles around town. Studies have shown that for every public bicycle available, three private bicycles are also in use.

Bicycle hire companies

Bicycles are available for medium- and long-term hire by companies who offer complementary services such as advice, maintenance, and cleaning.

Parking for private bicycles

The provision of secure parking solutions in useful locations is an important factor in encouraging people to use their bicycles.