With the announced opening of competition in the French rail sector, Transdev will soon allow French passengers to benefit from its rail experience acquired over more than 20 years. Indeed, we are a major rail operator in several countries, which have already been open to competition for many years: Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand. We operate dense urban lines, regional links and short lines.

Eco-friendly transition for mobility, let's act for rail of everyday life

Although it is barely mentioned in the European "Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility", regional and suburban rail transportation remains one of the best assets for achieving our climate objectives. 

Achieving the ambitious climate objectives of the European Green Deal requires a drastic shift in European action and funding toward this daily mobility. The European Year of Rail, which kicks off on March 29 in Lisbon, must be an opportunity to promote these regional and suburban lines, which are essential from an economic, social and environmental perspective. It is urgent to consider how to strengthen these services and turn them into real and credible alternatives to the private car.


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