Transdev’s first hydrogen buses have arrived in Zuid-Holland


From the end of 2021, Transdev subsidiary in the Netherlands, Connexxion will be driving twenty hydrogen-powered buses through the area of Hoeksche Waard-Goeree Overflakkee in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. The buses are manufactured by Solaris; the first two of a total of eighteen buses have arrived at the depot in Heinenoord and will be put into service immediately.

The province of Zuid-Holland has long been committed to quality improvement and energy transition in public transportation. The arrival of the hydrogen buses fits in perfectly with those plans. In addition, passengers will also benefit significantly from the new means of transport.

Besides the fact that the buses no longer emit any harmful emissions, they are equipped with low entries, USB charging points, air conditioning, clear information displays and there is always a place for a wheelchair. The buses will also have cameras instead of mirrors, giving drivers better visibility around their vehicles and thus eliminating blind spots.

According to Minister Stientje van Veldhoven, hydrogen is the future when it comes to heavy means of transport such as buses and trucks.

They have a large action radius, without burdening the climate and air quality. There are few filling stations for hydrogen at the moment, but that is of course a chicken-and-egg story. These buses will all be refueling soon. That could be just the push that hydrogen-powered vehicles need. 

Stientje van Veldhoven, Minister of Environment and Housing

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