The power for the e-buses comes from the roof

Des bus électriques alimentés par le toit

Photo : Griensteidl/Transdev

Transdev is continuing to drive forward the transport turnaround and the switch to climate-friendly drive systems and is putting additional electric buses into passenger service throughout Germany.

In Frankfurt/Main, for example, nine more e-buses will soon replace diesel vehicles and make public transport even more environmentally friendly. In the Munich metropolitan area Transdev will operate an entire bus line solely with e-buses, using self-produced solar power.

In Frankfurt/Main, the city intends to exercise an option and extend the contract with Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH for the operation of bus line bundle A by one year until the end of 2030. In return Transdev will operate nine additional Alpina-branded additional electric buses on the affected lines and increase the Frankfurt e-bus fleet to a total of 34 vehicles.

With currently 25 electric buses of the type Transdev currently operates its largest e-bus network in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. The nine additional e-buses are to replace other diesel-powered vehicles. 

The city of Frankfurt/Main can thus continue the electrification strategy for its bus network much faster than previously planned and thus save additional climate-damaging carbon dioxideIn Bavaria, Griensteidl GmbH in Gröbenzell near Munich is to operate line 830 in the Munich Transport Association (MVV) completely with six electric buses for ten years from December 2024. The contract is to connect the two Munich S-Bahn stations in Lochhausen and Puchheim via Gröbenzell and Puchheim. 

With the contract, Griensteidl can now start to work on redesigning the depot in Gröbenzell and setting up the necessary charging infrastructure for the new e-buses. Among other things, the generated by the company’s own photovoltaic system will be used to charge the e-buses. The entire city bus service in Ingelheim am Rhein has already been operated since mid 2022 by the Transdev subsidiary INGmobil GmbH with eight e-buses of the type E-WAY from the manufacturer Iveco Bus. These connect the city center with the train station on the Rhine Valley route Mainz – Koblenz as well as with the outlying districts. 

Since the timetable change December 2019, INGmobil has been operating the urban transport service in Ingelheim. The diesel buses that were initially used have largely replaced by eight new e-buses.

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